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See the next big thing… at Bradford International Film Festival

We asked some influential local film bloggers to offer their festival tips for the less cinephilic film lovers amongst us.

Mike McKenny (@destroyapathy), a local film writer/editor who runs the Leeds/Bradford based community film society Minicine (@MinicineYorks), reached out to his (large) network of contacts, and Sam Turner (@samjturner), editor of Film Intel (@filmintel) was the first to get in touch…

One of the attractions of going to a film festival for many is getting the chance to spot the coveted ‘next big thing’. This mysterious beast, so beloved of cinemagoers, can be elusive, hiding in the midnight screenings or in amongst crowds of better-known productions. And, don’t forget, everyone else is on the lookout for it too! I can’t guarantee I’ve found it but I’ve picked out three films featuring people to watch out for.


The Inkeepers

There are two talents to look out for in The Inkeepers; Director Ti West and star Sara Paxton, making it a must see for those searching out the soon-to-be famous. West, who also wrote the film, has been moving in the horror genre for around ten years but really came to the attention of fans with 2009’s The House of The Devil. Paxton has already starred in the well-promoted Shark Night 3D and has a plethora of releases already finished and ready to hit cinemas at some point this year.
>> The Innkeepers at Bradford International Film Festival


The Raid

The Raid has already stirred up a fuss at a number of stateside festivals and now brings its high-kicking action to Bradford under the guidance of Welsh-born director Gareth Evans. The Indonesian-set film has attracted the attention of plenty of big players in the industry, with many tipping Evans as a future director of note.
>> The Raid at Bradford International Film Festival


Free Men

There’s so much to look out for in Free Men it could have taken up an article all of its own. Veteran actor Michael Lonsdale features alongside hot up-and-comer Tahar Rahim, in this World War II drama about an Algerian immigrant in Paris. Director Ismaël Ferroukhi won some admirers with 2004’s Le Grand Voyage and here tries to take the next step towards the mainstream.
>> Free Men at Bradford International Film Festival


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